I dwell in the mere of perfidy
Betraying the hope of the man
Decades of flowing with the tides
A betrayal of the sovereignty of God
Cradling the best iniquities of the ages
Birthed by the angels
Bred by the demons
Man is the name
Self is my creed
The light of the mind is my god
The nether world is my home
My infirmities torment all but self
The scares I trade fills the heavens with wonder
Good men are laid waste by my maleficence
The skies growl with dismay
Inferno's flame reaches the pit of my belly
Yahweh stretches his hands
His Christ a haven for man
His Life an expression of His promise
The death the doorway of His glory
In heaven He lives to rule
Washed by the blood
Clinging to the cross
Redeemed by the resurrection
Decreed to holiness by His Word
Inspired to obedience by His Spirit
Restrained by love of HisnFather
Glory reinstated
Paradise gained
Man's hope restored
God's sovereignty vindicated
Fraternity of angels chant choruses

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